5 Places to See Before You Get Married

5 Places to See Before You Get Married

Las Vegas:

The most obvious pick would of course be Las Vegas. With the promise of an exciting time at its clubs and casinos, Vegas is the ideal place to go crazy and let your hair down. New comers need not worry, for there are several shops that sell books on how to quickly learn gambling. There is a host of amusement parks here as well, besides some crazy rides!  So, spin the roulette wheel and don’t forget the famous adage – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!


In the region of Leh, a few kilometres beyond the village of Stok, there is a range of mostly unnamed mountains that are a popular pick among backpackers. The proof to be ideal for ice climbing, whereby one can indulge in scaling peaks and steep slopes covered in ice. Participants of this activity must be ready to face the challenges that ice climbing brings, and this gruelling journey is one that people prefer to undertake in solitude and not as a family activity.

Arunanchal Pradesh:

Who hasn’t dreamed of getting on to a bike, the wind rushing past your ears and whipping through your air and you glide along feeling the freshness of the cool mountain breeze! A motorbike sojourn through the land of the dawn-lit mountains brings you just that! Arunanchal Pradesh is said to have one of the most diverse landscapes to offer. And what better chance to see if this is true, than to grab hold of a motorbike and explore the state’s jungles, mountains and plains through sunshine, rain and slush. It is not only adventure that one finds here but also an overwhelming sense of peace, afforded by the several Buddhist monasteries and temples in the state.


India’s beach city of Goa is not a place one goes to only before marriage. However, before you visit the place with your better half, you must plan an all-boys or all-girls trip here for a good time at India’s answer to Vegas! So, lie back in the sand, ponder over the vagaries of life, spend time discovering yourself and kick back and have all the fun you can. After all, there has to be a solid reason as to why Goa is the backdrop for most coming-of-age stories and tales!


Popular culture demands that Spain be placed in this list as well. This country of sun, wine and love is intoxicating in its culture. Squish tomatoes at the Tomato festival, witness the bull races that the nation is famous for and explore its intricacies and delights that will make your adrenaline rush in tact long after you’ve left!

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